Where to look for inspiration

Being open to new ideas is key to developing a growing business, but inspiration can come from many, many different sources. We saw a recent survey, conducted by Think Big Partners, which investigated where today’s entrepreneurs get their inspiration. The results were really interesting – while general inspiration sources included ‘music’ and ‘free time’, business-specific inspiration most often came from other entrepreneurs, whose innovative ideas, successes and attitudes were shown to influence and galvanise their peers. Thanks to the web, you have access to the most innovative thinking from the world’s brightest

minds. Here are some of our favourites: TED – founded in 1984 as a conference to bring together people from the fields of technology, entertainment and design, TED is dedicated to the philosophy of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. A series of annual conferences in Long Beach, Palm Springs and Edinburgh are supported by offline and online content, conversations and award programmes, to spread ideas and inspiration across the world. Places at TED conferences are highly sought-after, but you can check out summary videos of the best speakers at http://www.ted.com/talks The Cluetrain Manifesto – a galvanising call to action for modern marketers and businesspeople, the 95 theses that make up the Cluetrain Manifesto are designed to shake up the way we traditionally view business, the market and the customer. It shows modern businesses the new reality of a connected, switched-on market, and using a variety of shock tactics and bold statements, demonstrates Online Gambling the need and the mindset required for business evolution. Read the theses and more about the manifesto at www.cluetrain.com Springwise.com – a site by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, Springwise is bursting with the very latest innovations in every field, from business ideas to inventions. The worldwide community of Springspotters scan the globe for content, which is then compiled and shared by Springwise’s editorial team via the site and a series of weekly or monthly newsletters. Sign up for yours at www.springwise.com Coolbusinessideas.com – similar to Springwise, Singapore-based site Coolbusinessideas’ contact list of business minds and insiders around the world allows them to compile a comprehensive list of the latest product and idea innovations from around the world and update their site with the latest content, helping readers stay ahead of the curve. Find out more at www.coolbusinessideas.com Wired.com – a must-have link in any technophile’s RSS feed, Wired takes the biggest, brightest and best new developments in the technology field and shares them with a global audience. Gadget reviews, news stories and opinions from the experts are shared in a variety of formats, making this a great site to keep ahead of the latest developments in an ever-changing field. Keep up to date at www.wired.com

Let us know if you know of any other inspirational sites.

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