Our Pick of The World’s Most Inspirational Offices

Our Pick of The World’s Most Inspirational Offices

Let’s face it; we’d all like to go to work in an office environment that inspires us to work to the very best of our ability.

We wanted to celebrate some of the world’s most innovative and inspirational offices, so we have put together a list of our five favourites. With spaces explicitly designed to boost productivity and provide creative stimulation, they’re undeniably impressive to look at and surely a pleasure to work in.


Google is renowned for having some of the best workplaces in the world. From themed rooms and games to free food and drink, these offices surely tick every box.


Far removed from the urban offices which many of us are accustomed to working in, this office is certainly ‘at one’ with nature – and very cool too. For Selgas Cano Architecture, the company which is based here, the office both showcases their own business expertise and provides daily inspiration for its employees.



With stunning areas carved directly into the earth 100 feet below the surface of Stockholm, you could be forgiven for mistaking this office for a Bond villain’s lair. But in reality it’s actually home to Swedish ISP Bahnhof. Originally built as a nuclear shelter during the Cold War era, it now includes simulated daylight, greenhouses, waterfalls and a huge 2600 litre salt water fish tank.


Cool offices can also home government offices, as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia shows. Taking inspiration from the flowing lines of nature and water, the curved white beams and plant life make for an organic yet exciting space.


Pixar Animation Studios is known for its award-winning creativity and originality on the big screen, and it’s great to see that this also extends to its office space. From personal offices in the style of garden sheds, to communal areas devoted to the company’s past successes, the entire building is geared towards inspiring all who work there.

So have these pictures given you the inspiration you need to transform your working space?

Why not give us your own views of the most inspiring offices in the UK or share your tips for adding inspiration to the most humdrum of office spaces. Better yet, send us some pictures…


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